Hey gamer's, 

I recently bought the game RUST. I have been seeing all my favorite gamer's playing it and thought hey I could play that! So I decided to buy it and have a go myself. I bought the game on Steam for anyone wondering!
 Now I do recommend have a strong enough laptop or computer which will play the game as I first played the game on my own laptop and the laptop didn't have enough power play it as it kept not responding it but when I played it on my brothers laptop it didn't have any problems!
When I logged in I went onto one of the official servers and stupidly went on the busiest it. I played and when I just spawned in I just got killed by a stone behind my back! And I then re spawned and saw two players and thought they be friendly and I was wrong the two players chased me and was screaming made when they were chasing me! A tip don't have your head set on top volume! I did make a friend through it and playing it since we both tried finding each other! 

I played it four times now total hours playing it so far is six hours! Not bad! I have only died four times by murderers! And died twice by suicide by breaking my legs and died from hunger! 
I do have to say its hard than I thought it! DON'T TRUST ANYONE IN RUST unless it's FrankieOnPC! Oh and there is one more thing everyone is NAKED!!! :0
I also just signed up onto Twitch so I may be doing some livestreams on RUST! 
And sorry for not been blogging recently! School has taken over me!
S x


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