Frozen The Movie

Hey viewers,

So this week I'm reviewing Frozen from Disney! I got to see it on my mid term last week on a quiet day for the cinema! I went to see the half eleven show.The movie is one hour and 48 minutes!

 Elsa is portrayed by Idina Menzel and Anna portrayed Kristen Bell
The movie is about two girls Elsa and Anna two princesses of their kingdom. Their parents are the king and queen. .
Their parent die as their ship gets stuck in a major storm. Three years later Elsa becomes the queen. Elsa and Anna doesn't get to go out of the castle very much and when Anna does get to go out she meets her love of life (well to her :D ) Something major happens to Elsa and she runs away and Anna goes after her to get to come back home.
Now we meet the other cast members  Jonathan Groff as Kristof (he works with ice {tough job})
Josh Gad as Olaf (the snowman) And the cute reindeer Sven. 
To me this movie is very important it shows that love, and friendship.
I also loved the songs, Do you want to build a snowman, Let it go! 

Over all give it five out five since I love Disney and I heard so much good reviews about!

Hope you enjoyed this review, if you want me to review anything else comment below or tweet me @SheilannO 


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